Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Log Book: April 14th

Conditions: 65 rainy
Location: Cocoa Beach

On the ride to Cocoa Beach we got wet. All three boats were caught in a thunderstorm. The Canadians, being the first out of the gate had just pulled up to the dock when the downpour began. The Welch's were sailing and the high winds tore up their jib. Dad and I, being on the smallest boat, brought up the rear of the cavalcade but that was okay because we got the best of the storm, seeing some heavy rain but almost no wind. The town of Cocoa Beach is great, supporting a number of small stores and restaurants. A windy, tree covered street acts as the center of town hosting patio eateries, boutiques, and two city parks at either end. Dad's favorite store was of course the "hardware mall," a giant tool shop with everything you can imagine- pickle fermenting jars, drill bits, African Safari hats, etc. We walked around, looked in a few art stores, and caught a glimpse at the larger of the two parks, with an amphitheater for outdoor concerts. In the morning we ate a quick breakfast at the local coffee shop where they made their own pastries and heated them up in a brick oven. After much discussion all three boats took off for New Smyrna Beach. The weather was looking less than lovely.

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