Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Log Book: April 17th-20th

Conditions: ~68
Location: Palm Springs

We stayed at Tom and Kathy's through Easter and had a great time. Their daughter and son-in-law, who had also been sailing all winter were home for the holiday. It turns out that we had just missed seeing them in Hope Town, but their trip has been a lot longer than ours. They are coast guard employees, or as we like to call them 'coasties,' who have been on sabbatical for almost two years. They have sailed all over the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas. During hurricane season they had their boat hauled in Trinidad and flew to Europe where they bought a car and toured all over the continent; France, Italy, Denmark, Greece etc. They have about a million cool points but the best part of their travels is that they didn't stay in hotels, but camped every place they went. After Europe they flew to South Africa to go on safari in a national wildlife preservation called Kruger. The couple has the most amazing videos of their trip from Zebras, to car trips through mountains, to underwater dives in BVI. On their way back to Trinidad to pick up their boat they also stopped in Australia and New Zealand. They are single handedly the coolest people I've ever met. When they get home to CT they will start their new jobs in the coast guard in San Francisco. After we heard all of their stories my mind went wild with schemes to see the things that they've seen, to do what they have done. It's becoming more and more apparent to Dad and I that if you are going to sail to the Bahamas you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't go to the Virgin Islands too, even though it's a lot farther.

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